Who are my learners? Part 2

After addressing the learning styles of my students (n = 69), I designed and carried a survey to capture the learners’ characteristics. I noticed that most of the students are in their late teens or early twenties.  And the majority of them (86.95%) said they are after a job in the government sector. Noticeably, only 7.24% were keen to pursue  postgraduate studies. When asked what motivated them to study, only 2.89% said choice “thirst for knowledge”.  The majority (73.9%) thought that they are motivated to study for the sake of getting a job after graduating. The remaining learners saw family and cultural pressures or choice “other reasons” as their major motivation to study.  When asked about their lifestyles, many of the students, more than 50%, did not adhere to at least two components of a healthy lifestyle (bad sleeping patterns, poor diets, and smoking ). In addition, 69.56% said the learners consider their English language capabilities as the most important frustration they face. In contrast, more then two thirds of the learners saw their digital capabilities to be good, or very good. Both or one of the students’ parents were university graduates in 66.6% of the students.

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