Some Methods I Used to Improve Education

I was keen to improve education in Albaha University for the sake of all students. I want to set an example. Issues that I was working on included increasing students’ motivation and teaching the students that learning requires regular and continuous efforts. Moreover, I understand that students can learn many things from simulations, class activities and laboratory practicals. Moreover, tasks that are real-life or simulations to real-life situations allow more learning. In addition, educational activities that can create life-long memories can allow for deep learning. On the other hand, lectures that deliver course materials in a clear way help many students understand the objectives required and guide them toward success. Finally, regular feedback and feedforward are also important.  For these reasons I decided to use several tools in my educational methods:

  1. Introduce an exercise notebook. To this end, I write several questions representing the objectives for the lecture or module, and ask the student to answer them after the lecture in the notebook and then return it to me. This will ensure the student know the objectives. Moreover, I now have the ability to follow the students progress and provide sufficient and regular feedback and feedforward.
  2. Carry constructivist activities. I include a constructivist activities to all my students. These include the following:
    1. In Microbiology, I asked each student to represent a microbial pathogen and talk to the other students about its morphology and symptoms, and then the other students suggested diagnostic tests.  Next, the student representing the microbial pathogen indicates the tests’ results. Finally, the student making the final diagnosis (name the species that is represented by his colleague) is the winner. This method aims to make students very excited and motivated. The only problem was that it was time consuming and cannot be carried beyond the allocated time. This activity was called “I am the pathogen”
    2. In Clinical Microbiology, I asked each student to present to his colleagues a case from his community. That is, an infectious disease that caused serious health problems in the community. This activity was called “The Community versus Infectious Enemies”. The student was required to provide methods to mitigate, manage or eradicate the causative agent. 
  3. Deliver lectures, record and make them available online via my own youtube channel:

youtube channel

  1. Provide the students with assignment that can build their knowledge and show them the importance of the course they are studying. These include:
    1. Ask each student to report the cause, diagnostic method and treatment of the most serious infectious disease that affect a family member or someone they know, and then report how they can best deal with it medically in the future.
    2. Ask the students to write a letter to an elderly member in their family describing the recommended vaccine required to prevent infections.

These are some of the methods I used and I am always adding new methods and tools to improve the educational experience and outcomes to all my students.  Follow this blog for more updates and details. I will also include some reflections on these methods described soon.

Take care and keep working toward a more educated global community.  

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