Dr. Alqumber’s Teaching and Learning Journal

Currently I am an Associate Professor in Laboratory Medicine and Medical Microbiology at Albaha University, Saudi Arabia. This was my natural progression from my first tutoring and teaching jobs since 2004 at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Since my first days at Otago I was keen to work on my teaching to make it of the highest possible standard.  This required, and is still requiring, continuous development. It is these teaching developments that are going to be presented in this Journal of Teaching and Learning.  I am sure you will find it enjoyable and worth reading.

If you are keen to know why I feel strongly about education, than please note I sincerely believe that teaching is one natural human behavior that is surely a prerequisite for the success of society. However, teaching is not a simple task due to many complications such as the diversity of the student population, the psychology of the learning process, the diversity of the teaching material, and the limited resources of the academic environment and may academics themselves. Thus, it is important to work toward better education by developing better and more diverse teaching methods. And since my early tutoring days 14 years ago, I wanted to be a highly capable and innovative teacher. Moreover, I find myself increasingly hoping to positively influence other educators. Therefore, I hope you will enjoy my teaching and feel free to provide ample feedback and feedforward for the betterment of education, and thereby society itself.

Please visit the links below to go directly to my posts on teaching and education:

  1. Some methods I used to improve Education:  https://wp.me/P2fVt3-Qd. 


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