The exercise notebook

Education success requires clear objectives, regular exercises, and good feedback and feedforward. This is why I decided to introduce an exercise notebook. To do this, I regularly provide questions that cover the material and ask the students to answer them. Then I collect the notebooks and provide each student with feedback and feedforward. This was easy, but time consuming. 

Here you can find me after collecting the notebooks, advising everyone that regular exercises are essential for learning. I also advise that the amount of feedback and feedforward in universities need to be increased, not reduced, to ensure students’ success.  This is why I posted this tweet.  I am sorry I am talking in Arabic in this tweet, but I hope you can understand the general idea. That is, education requires a supportive environment, which requires all academic staff to work together and a student community that understands what good education looks likes. This is my aim from this tweet.

The method was successful in ensuring students were studying more regularly and increased their engagement with the course materials. Moreover, ample feedback and feedforward was now possible. This method was very effective, but its cost-effectiveness can be questioned due to the time it consumes. This can be looked into further by comparing it to other methods that can provide students with exercises and regular feedback and feedforward. In addition, albeit the exercise notebook achieved good outcomes, I did not consider it to encourage student-centered learning, which is an essential concept in todays pedagogy that aims to equip students with life-long independent learning skills for the currently rapidly developing world. A modification I am thinking about to this traditional exercise notebook is to allow the students to cross-evaluate each other. That is, I can provide a model answer and then ask the student to mark each others’ notebooks. Can this be made into a an effective educational tool? 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and please stay tuned for more to come, and keep in touch by sharing your own thoughts and comments. Cheers.. 


2 comments on “The exercise notebook

  1. Mohammed I think the notebook is really good idea. Maybe another aim could be to get them reflecting and writing rather than just using the notebook to get their answers right. Instead, they could use the notebook to explore a topic and their thinking and learning, and confer with peers to do this, using the model answer as a stimulus. What are your thoughts about this idea?

  2. Using the notebook for reflecting rather than to get their answers right is a good idea. Asking learners to explore their thinking and learning on the topic, and confer with peers is going to add a scholarly spirit to the teaching environment that may have great outcomes as well. I will post in the future feedback on this.

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