Module 8 | الوحدة 8

Objectives for module 8: Legionellae and related bacteria

Upon completion of this part, students should be able to:

  • Describe each of the genera named above and list their pathogenic species;
  • Describe the mode of transmission, clinical findings, the morphology and identification (diagnostic tests) for each of them;
  • List some effective antibiotics against each of them

Components: lectures (see below); online exercises and feedback form plus innovation, creativity and the use of higher-order thinking patterns (see below):

Lecture 1: Legionellae

Lecture 2: Bartonella and cat scratch and rat bite diseases 


Lecture 3: bacterial vaginosis (vaginitis)


Click Here for Online Exercises & for the Feedback Form

  إنقر هنا للوصول لتمارين الوحدة الالكترونية وصندوق المقترحات

تابع جديد الوحدة وأخبار التخصص واطرح أي استفسار وناقش من خلال أدوات التواصل أدناه أو مباشرة من خلال قناة اليوتيوب


مع تمنياتي للجميع بالتوفيق والنجاح

Best wishes 

23 comments on “Module 8 | الوحدة 8

  1. Dear Students,
    Hope you are all doing well and enjoying this course.
    Please feel free to comment and ask any questions you have.
    And as always, remember to answer the homework exercises.
    Also, at any stage of this course you can provide your feedback on the course via the E-questionnaire (
    Regards and best wishes

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